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  1. Miriam S.

    OMG! I freaking love this hair! Hello Beautiful Hair is the best – for real for real!!!

  2. Ashley Jenkins

    I love, love, love this hair. I have been searching for great quality hair for some time and I finally found it. I have purchased 6 bundles, closure and a frontal and now using the wig service. I am forever BEAUTIFUL–uhm HELLO?!?! xoxoxo

  3. Shanice Denworth

    I was terrified & excited all at once (it was my first time ever buying &/or wearing weave)! Hello Beautiful Hair held my hand during the entire pre order process (& it was a process lol). When I received my hair, I instantly fell in love. The presentation made me feel like I indeed had magic (#blackgirlmagic)! The hair was soft, fluffy & smelled like a bottle of smell good conditioner. Since it was my first, I had a few other weave queens feel & play with the bundles & they too fell in love. Now I’m patiently waiting for these gorgeous bundles!!!!

  4. Maritha Spates

    Just received my 3rd install from A’brianna!
    I’ve had my 14 inch and 16 inch for a year and she dyed them black and the color hasn’t faded 🙌🏾!
    I added a 14 inch closure and a 18 inch bundle and it’s bomb y’all!!
    This is the first time I have a closure and it’s BOMB 💣🙌🏾!
    She’s the BEST in town and I promise once you try her hair and the way she sew it in you will NEVER go to anyone else.
    Shout out to her two assistants they’re AMAZING 😉 !!
    God has truly blessed you with a natural gift Thank you A’brianna 😉🤗

  5. Cassidy H.

    Okay, so let me start by saying I’ve been getting installs from Anna for SIX YEARS, and she has NEVER disappointed. Her hair is always the finest quality and you get a lot of life/use out of it. I recently purchased one of her wigs for the first time and I am obsessed! Lol she is truly very gifted and passionate about her work and it shows!

  6. Wanika Sanders

    Anna is the best stylist EVER!! I’ve never been disappointed in 6+ years! This is the best hair ever! I’ve purchased twice and the first time it lasted for three years. I even bleached it and it still maintained its quality!! It’s definitely the best!!

  7. Shanniese Rice

    Anna is the best stylist hands down! She is so personable and actively gets to know all of her clients. Because of this, she can cater your hair needs to exactly what you want! I love the high quality of her hair and it shows because my wigs have lasted over a year!!

  8. Jessica Frazier

    Wow! Was lucky enough to find this wonderful salon on Instagram. I just relocated to Indy from Texas and was super stressed about finding a stylist. A’Bryanna is amazing! She was prompt and professional with tons of knowledge. I had already purchased hair, but she did provide a closure and colored it to match my other extensions. I can tell from the closure, her hair is high quality. Absolutely love my sew-in with closure. Thank you so much A’Bryanna. I will be back. 🙂

  9. Shevora Edy

    The salon, the hair, the stylist – magic. I have been to salons on the east coast, west coast, and midwest, and this is the best. I love this salon and the quality of work so much that I flew halfway across the country 2 days before my wedding to have A’Bryanna do my sew-in! The hair easily lasts for a year and the install always lays flat to perfection. 5 stars across the board!

  10. Yakeea Lashawn

    This hair is super high quality and I absolutely love it! Customer service was excellent as well! I will definitely be reordering!

  11. Basha Ulyssa Coleman

    This hair is the best I’ve used ever, and I don’t say that lightly. I want to give a thorough review as I’ve had my hair installed into a wig I made myself for over a month now.

    Purchased: 3 bundles of 24-inch Cambodian Wavy and one 16-inch Cambodian Wavy Closure (5×5 inch) on July 13, 2019.

    Hands-down, the quality of this hair is unmatched! First, I noticed how heavy the three bundles felt in my hand. Heavy is a good thing for me. I want my bundles to be durable for at least a year, and I believe these are up to the task. Next, I was happy to see how thick and even the strands were. This makes such a big difference when straightening and curling extensions. The bundles were full from root to tip which means they don’t need to be trimmed unless you prefer to do so. 24 inches can easily look straggly and thin, but this hair is full and voluminous without much assistance. I’m 5’7 and the hair falls a little past my behind. The ends weren’t dry at all either. Thin, dry strands can break easily and shed fast. These strands are hefty! I’ve noticed minimal shedding and virtually no breakage. When I brush this hair, I don’t hear ripping and my floor isn’t covered in strands. Along with the quality of the bundles, I want to discuss the closure quality specifically. This closure is a great balance between being durable and being undetectable. I’d say this closure falls more in the durability category than the undetectable one, and for me, that’s not a deal-breaker. Every closure I’ve had, both great and not-so-great, have shed so fast. Bald spots, receding closure hairlines, and overall thinning are common with closures – sometimes noticeable after the first wash. This closure? Not at all. I was so surprised that after two washes, I saw almost no shedding on my closure. My only gripe with it is that while it is a 5×5, it’s wider than it is long. My middle part stops a bit shorter than I’d like (4 inches), but I’d take that any day over a constantly shedding closure.

    I’ve washed this hair four times since July 13 and it’s kept its wavy texture. I prefer to use L’Oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioner on it and it gets the hair clean, keeps it soft, and infuses a nice scent into the strands. The hair also dries relatively quickly when using a blow dryer – faster than other virgin hair I’ve purchased which is nice. If you’re in a rush and need to do a quick shampoo, you can easily wash and blow-dry your hair in less than 40 minutes (maybe less time if you have shorter than 24 inches.)

    These bundles and closure style fairly easily, but you must take your time as it won’t be fast (not with 24 inches.) Because the strands are so thick, it takes high, even, and slow heat from a flat iron to style. You absolutely cannot rush through styling because the curls will fall quickly from the weight of the hair, so don’t be shy with the heat. The closure can be parted freely, but you will need the help of mousse and a hot comb. Molding the closure down with Mousse and blow-drying your part in place is a must to avoid the dreaded cone-head look. Once molded and blow-dried, it’s helpful to take a hot comb through it to help lay it down flat. From there, style with a flat iron to achieve your look. You may have to do this a few times a week. You can opt to pluck your part with tweexers, but I don’t recommend it.

    Buy this hair. With many fly-by-night hair vendors popping up online, it’s easy to fall into a trap of high-priced, low-quality hair. This hair isn’t cheap, it’s a luxury purchase, but ot’s worth it. If you are looking for something durable to save you time and hassle with your hair, this hair is the best option. A few hundred dollars on something that looks amazing is better than taking that same amount of money buying cheap hair several times a year. You won’t regret it!

  12. Hope

    Love the hair! It holds an amazing curl, it’s full and it does not tangle. I can’t wait to try other textures! A’Bryanna is the best! She’s super professional and easy to work with!

  13. B. Chantel


    I saw results on my edges within 3-4 weeks – I couldn’t believe it! I’ve tried several of the more expensive hair growth scalp elixirs – this is by far THE BEST!!

    The shine, the scent and multiple uses for it are amazing. It’s also lightweight, my hair doesn’t feel weighed down or greasy. My scalp feels tingly and refreshed every time I use it.

    I ordered 2 bottles to make sure I don’t run out anytime soon!

    Definite part of my healthy hair regime!

  14. Jennifer

    Listen!!!!!! I bought everything y’all. I did my daughters hair today…used the complete cleansing trio and cultivator, oil, detangling spray, and the fertilizer. My daughters hair is moisturized, light and ready to be styled. The best part about it all was combing out her hair. Tangle where?!?! I’m in love and can’t wait to use this on my hair!

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